Neighbor Perspective

Let’s get this training started with an activity!

The activity is designed to put you in the shoes of a pantry recipient. Each person that visits comes from a different walk of life, has different needs and preferences. Let’s take a step in the shoes of an individual visiting a pantry!

Complete this activity as a pantry guest but use your own household’s needs and preferences.

Did your results surprise you? Your responses were compared to a typical pantry box. The percent of food that was wasted was dependent on what your food preferences were. Does it surprise you that some of the foods in pre-packed assistance boxes may not be what an individual prefers?

People seeking assistance with accessing food are thankful for anything they can get, however, getting food that is unfamiliar or not preferred may add to their burden. What are they going to do with the food they can’t use? What would you do with the food if you couldn’t use it or weren’t able to share it with anyone? Chances are the food will be donated, thrown away, or stuck on a shelf to be forgotten. If you are still pre-packing bags and boxes don’t get discouraged. We are all passionate about sharing food with friends, family, and neighbors and the work you do is appreciated and important. By going through this training, you will get the tools needed to create an empowering environment for your neighbors and give them the opportunity to choose the food they prefer. 

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