Getting Started

The neighbor experience is what guides this training. We welcome you to join us in our commitment to dignity, cultural sensitivity, and empathy for our neighbors. The following is the Lowcountry Food Bank’s statement of commitment.

Our Statement of Commitment

We commit to providing equitable access to nutritious food throughout our service area and will work to ensure fair food distribution to serve all our neighbors across the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina. We believe food is a basic human right and know we must work on the disproportionate impact that food insecurity, and other inequities such as health, education, and economic opportunity, has on those who have been systemically marginalized.

We commit to being an active listener to individuals with lived and living expertise, always learning, and being intentional in our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) efforts. We will assess and revise our beliefs, policies, and procedures as needed to advance EDI among our staff, partners, and for the neighbors we serve.

What does this mean for you?

We are all committed to learning as staff and volunteers. We acknowledge we are not experts in equity, diversity, and inclusion. We have some tools and resources that you can utilize in learning with your pantry staff and volunteers.

Learning and exploring can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to improve how we speak about our pantries and program offered, and how we speak to our neighbors.

Please keep in mind there is no judgment of any kind as we explore these topics. This is meant to raise awareness of how the language used, physical environment, and flow in your pantry sets a tone. The way to improve the environment for your neighbors is by intentionally looking out for these things and shifting where needed.

If you’re ready to make the commitment with us – let’s get started!

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