Setting The Tone

Thinking about the activity you just completed, how empowered did you feel once you decided what you needed?

Did you surprise yourself with your answer to identifying things you already do that would make you (as a neighbor) feel most welcome?

How do these chairs make you feel?

The environment you create in your pantry can influence emotion. How you set up and run your pantry sets the tone.

Have you ever walked into a building for an appointment and really dreaded the idea of sitting in the waiting area? Haven’t we all? If you want to avoid this in your pantry and make a more welcoming environment for your neighbors, there are a few things you can do.

It all starts with empathy and understanding. Each person has a story that led them into your pantry. Most of their stories may lead to stress, anxiety, or feeling out of control. How can you create a safe space for them to ask for help?

Listen to expert, Brené Brown, unpack the importance of practicing empathy.

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