The Other Categories

  • Examples: canned & boxed soup, sloppy joe, broth, prepackaged meals, microwavable meals/entrees.
  • Prioritize low sodium options, when possible.
  • Encourage guests to season their pre-packaged box meals on their own instead of using the packet that comes in the box.
  • Promote adding vegetables and lean proteins to pre-packaged kits to make it a balanced meal.

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  • Examples: flours, cornmeal, sugar, sauces, condiments, seasonings and seasoning packs like Shake-and-Bake and taco seasoning.
  • Prioritize low sodium options, when possible.
  • Encourage using a variety of seasoning without salt to add flavor to meals.

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  • Examples: granola bars, cereal bars, crackers, popcorn, chips, fruit snacks (not dried fruit).
  • Prioritize low sugar & sodium options, when possible.
  • Organize by product type, sorting whole grains, low in sugar and fat items separately as space permits.

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  • Meals, Soups, and Entrees AND Pantry Staples should be sorted into like items together and separated by regular and low sodium options.
  • Snacks should be sorted based on product type. If it is a whole grain or low in sugar or fat place separately as space permits.

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