Balanced Pantry For Balanced Meals

Now that you understand how to organize by the food groups and are familiar with a balanced pantry, let’s go over how organizing by the MyPlate can help neighbors create balanced meals.

The MyPlate was created to be a visual for how we should build our meals throughout the day or week.

Click each icon on the MyPlate to learn more!

Notice the balance of food groups and color on the plate. As a pantry, you can help guests have the options to make this possible.

A balanced MyPlate meal has at least three of these food groups and is full of color. Keep this in mind while stocking your pantry.

That’s a lot to cover! Here’s a quick guide to see what to AIM for in each food group.

How To Stock Your Choice Pantry

Send an email to if you would like a laminated copy of How to Stock Your Pantry.

Reflect on your own food pantry.

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