Recruit & Train Volunteers

By the end of this step, you will have volunteer recruitment ideas and a training outline.

You have reached the last step and are almost done with the Choice training!

Your pantry cannot be run by you alone. It takes a lot of time just to keep your pantry running daily; it is important to dedicate time to recruiting and training your volunteers. This will ensure that your pantry can run smoothly, even when you are not there.

Before you start recruiting new volunteers, think about your current group and if their role could/should change with the choice model. Talk with your current volunteers to see if they would like to take on a new role or if they are happy with what they have been doing. If you are just transitioning to a choice pantry, some volunteers may choose to stay behind the scenes. Share the job descriptions that best fit that role. Some volunteers may not choose to stick with you through the transition. We never like to lose volunteers; however, it is best if they chose what was best for them, as it is most likely best for your pantry as well.


Letu2019s review simple recruitment tactics as well as best practices for training to help you have the best volunteer team for year to come.

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