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Understanding Your Neighbor and Creating a Welcoming Environment

Course Flow

We are going to take you on a journey. In order to understand the components of an environment or action steps you can take, you need to first understand the experiences your neighbors may have that influence how they respond to your environment.

The journey here may start out with some difficult topics that may trigger uncomfortable feelings, but it is necessary to learn and grow. The topics do get lighter as the course progresses.

We are starting with these topics because experiences involving trauma, stigma, and bias are carried with all of us.  What you see is not always what an individual is actually feeling, and we want you to learn what to look for so you can aid in healing and prevent re-traumatization. Understanding will help you realize the importance of the course and its content.

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After you understand why, we move on to components of the environment- both physical and emotional. Then we wrap up the course by giving you action steps for you and your pantry to take.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn ways trauma plays a role in your neighbors’ lives and ways you can help.
  2. Take a deeper dive into stigma and bias. How can you reduce stigma and bias in your pantry?
  3. Become aware of both the physical and emotional environment in your pantry.
  4. Determine how the language your pantry uses is a part of creating your environment.
  5. Actionable steps you can take to shift your pantry environment.

Course Tutorial


We estimate 1 hour. It may take you a little more or less. This is a self paced course. 

There are lessons, topics, and activities. Lessons are the steps. The material within each lesson is a topic. There are also activities built-in. The course is linear, and you will need to complete everything in each lesson before it allows you to move on using the next lesson button. Click the first bullet in the activity box to get started in the lesson.

We recommend using a computer to take the course. It will be easier to view the documents embedded into the pages.

You can visit the appendix page here to view the resources in one location.

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