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Intro to Food Safety

Our collective goal is to assist our neighbors with getting the food they need. The last thing we want to do is to add to the heavy burden our neighbors may be carrying. Foodborne illness is something no one wants to burden anyone with, especially individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.

This training is intended for all individuals who work in a food pantry to feel confident in transporting, receiving, storing, and distributing food safely to our neighbors. 

Course Objectives

  1. Define foodborne illness.
  2. Identify how food becomes unsafe.
  3. Identify points at which food can become unsafe.
  4. Know how to control for food safety throughout the flow of food in your pantry. 

Course Tutorial


We estimate 1 hour. It may take you a little more or less. This is a self paced course that you can stop and come back to whenever you need.

There are lessons, topics, and activities. Lessons are the steps. The material within each lesson is a topic. There are also activities built-in. The course is linear, and you will need to complete everything in each lesson before it allows you to move on using the next lesson button. Click the first bullet in the activity box to get started in the lesson.

We recommend using a computer to take the course. It will be easier to view the documents embedded into the pages.

Yes! You can visit the appendix page here to view the resources in one location.

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